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Decorative Bark

Our bark nugget products are
graded carefully by particle size.
Decorative bark is perfect for
general landscaping use.

Orchid Bark

Orchid bark is a premium bark
nugget product made just for
orchid growers. Available in bulk
and bagged packaging.

Redwood Products

Redwood is ideal for native California
landscapes. Gorilla Hair is the
most popular redwood mulch

Wood Chips

Wood chips are long-lasting, durable,
and very economical. Chips are
often used for freeway projects
as a ground cover.

Shavings & Sawdust

Shavings and sawdust are great for
animal bedding and storing bare
root trees. Available in a wide
range of species.

Fines & Humus

Bark fines and humus are excellent soil
amendments for nursery mixes
and general soil preparation.
Available plain and treated.