Single Grind Redwood Bark (Gorilla Hair)

Particle Size: 1 - 3” (95%), up to 6”
Species: Redwood

A fibrous, stringy, dark red-colored product, often referred to as "gorilla hair" because of its unique texture and color. This material works great in a general mulch application, especially in windy areas or sloping terrain. Available in bulk and bagged packaging.

Double Grind Redwood Bark

Particle Size: 0 - 2”
Species: Redwood

A fluffy, fibrous ground bark material. This product is an alternative to "single-grind" gorilla hair for those seeking a finer particle size.

Triple Grind Redwood Bark (Ligna Peat)

Particle Size: 0 - 1/4”
Species: Redwood

A finely-ground redwood bark material. This product is a suitable organic alternative for sphagnum peat moss because of its similar chemical properties and slow rate of decomposition.